Kennadee Oppliger sales marketing computer support web design

Kennadee Oppliger gives new meaning to the term “hits the ground running”.

When our needs grew to require additional help in the sales and marketing arena, enter Kennadee Oppliger.
Within two hours of her first assignment, the project was complete.

She has become an irreplaceable and valuable asset to Bay Area Computer and Networking Solutions. We are just really happy she’s here. In addition to marketing materials, Kennadee is our information discovery lead for website design services. When you hire us for a website project, she contacts you to find out how you want to be represented online. Important information like current logos, documentation, brand and contact options, for example.

Kennadee has a work experience background in customer relationships and office administration. She also has an education background in bookkeeping and accounting.
Her knowledge of our services works to compliment her irresistible smile and personality, and makes her crucial in handling new business opportunities.
When clients purchase website services, she  collects every important detail to create a current and meaningful online web presence.
She has a background in social media and is pretty much our go to professional for important in house marketing materials, and she always keeps us on our toes when we need to be.

We always find ourselves saying thanks to her, so again…,
Thank you Kennadee for all you do!