Premium computer support specialist for Southeast Houston

Computer Support Specialist

BAYCNS has a computer support specialist with 20+ years experience, ready to handle your technology needs.

If you search for computer support in your web browser, you will see pages of results. Therefore, your first thought would likely be how to choose one and what differentiates them. The answer lies in talent and experience, and how available they are when you have a problem.

For the sake of cost and efficiency, and your valuable time, finding a company that has the resources to resolve any problem you have, with skill and in a timely manner, gives you an invaluable resource in keeping your business operations running optimally.

So how is BAYCNS different, and why are we a Premium Support company? It’s because we expertly manage all of your technology needs with a very long history of experience, and model our support so that we have near immediate availability in case you have a problem that needs immediate attention.


BAYCNS can provide solutions through each phase of the client’s growth. From the birth of the brand we can provided services to start building the online domain, web presence, and email solutions. We integrate and manage internet connectivity, office inter-connectivity, onsite and hosted email and file services, local server and workstation setup and maintenance, industry specific software support, printing, remote access, and online image solutions, like website design and search engine optimization.

In a testament to our client’s satisfaction and effectiveness, we have had many of the same clients since our business began, and that is not something most companies can claim about their clients.
Years of working together and collaborating on projects build strong and successful partnerships, and many times, friends.

We are proud that our clients recognize the exemplary services we provide and the expertise we bring to the table, and we thank everyone who has allowed us the opportunity to be their Premium Support provider.


BAYCNS is centrally located along the Galveston Bay coastal area. Because of that, we are within 30 minutes from 99% of our clients. We serve cities like: Mont Belview, Baytown, La Porte, Deer Park, Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, Friendswood, and more.

We have flexible onsite and remote support options. That means our availability to you is just a phone call, and/or short drive away.

Most onsite emergencies have in-person support within two hours of contact. Out-of-area work is usually scheduled within two days.

Our managed services clients enjoy a 24/7 hotline directly to a technology expert for immediate assistance.

The bottom line is, if you need us, you won’t have to wait.

If you need us now simply submit a contact request, via our contact form, select your desired subject in the drop down box, and enter your information and preferred contact method. If you choose to receive a call back, stay near the phone. Our response time for new inquiries usually ranges from 15 minutes to 2 hours. We contact you when your email is seen on our devices and someone is assigned to you.