managed services computer and network support

We Cover All Important Areas of Support

A managed services support solution can mean different things to different solution providers. After 20+ years of experience, we know, at BAYCNS, that no solution is complete without covering 5 crucial areas.

  • Domain and website
  • File and email services
  • Security and data backup
  • Onsite support for users and local hardware
  • Remote support for fast problem resolution

Things We Can Help With

As a business you most likely have a domain name, the required registrar, a website, and the required hosting provider. You also have email, an on-site or cloud-based file serving solution, and employees that utilize computers to create, disseminate, and organize your company’s valuable data. You also have local hardware and resources to access the internet, and you hopefully protect your systems and data utilizing security and backup methods.

Let Us Handle It

When you are partnered with BAYCNS we take the lead in your system and services integration. Because we know ALL aspects of your technology, we have an intimate knowledge of how each system works together. Whether it be your cloud file sharing solution, your domain registrar, DNS configuration, email provider and settings, local infrastructure hardware and configuration, we are intimately familiar with the entire system. By being part of the team, we anticipate what your needs are, and quickly implement and protect it all with expertise, backed by years of experience in managing client networks and related systems.

As a Client

When you become a client with BAYCNS we become your outsourced IT solutions provider. It’s like having your own IT department. You get all of the talent that you would expect, for literally “pennies on the dollar”. We provide these services for a fraction of the costs required to have your own in-house team. We implement and manage all of your IT solutions so we know what’s going on, end-to-end. It’s a huge advantage in integrating new technology, making changes in your services and hardware, and making reconfiguration changes, when necessary, allowing us to keep your company out front and ahead of the competition.

In final, a note from the CEO. “We will become your IT department, and treat your company with the pride and priority you would expect, if you were managing it yourself.”