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Onsite Support

Centralized cloud solutions are great. However, onsite support is still crucial for a complete managed service support plan. People still use computers and must connect to the internet. Those computers, and the networking infrastructure equipment used for their internet connection, need maintenance. Security updates, hardware failures, and reconfigurations are all necessary to keep things running smoothly and maximize productivity.

Proactive service plans increase productivity by minimizing catastrophic failures. Unanticipated failures result in increased downtime, whereas hardware end of life cycle plans, and equipment firmware and software support, keep the workflow moving smoothly.

Scheduled Onsite Support

Offices employees may have technology problems that they “live with” because no readily available onsite support options exists to remedy the issue. A proactive service plan provides for a scheduled consultant to be onsite and address employee and hardware concerns. It keeps your employees working, rather than working around a problem or spending time trying to find a solution.

On-site support is an important part of a more complete proactive support solution. When combined with remote support, website services, SEO, and hardware maintenance, you can have a managed services solution that is comprehensive and complete. This complete solution model has evolved from years of experience in supporting Houston area businesses. We have found that the best solution in on e that covers all aspects of your IT technology needs.

Request a call from us from a free assessment and an opportunity to discuss what will best suit you and your business. The correct solution will do more than just fix your computer, it will help you grow your business. With a complete support solution, you will be more efficient, productive, and profitable.