remote support computer support managed services

Imagine getting remote support immediately by always being able to pick up the phone and dial one number. In seconds, you can get a live person, and likely get your technology need resolved immediately. Someone familiar with your network can remote into your computer and resolve the issue quickly.

Having a proactive managed IT service arrangement with BAYCNS provides you with this convenience. It is part of a complete support solutions package. When you don’t have a plan in place, it can take days to get a problem resolved. You must resort to contacting a new and unknown company and explain the problem. You get someone who is unfamiliar with your network and often the technician is not immediately available. Additionally, someone that is unfamiliar with your specific system, is at a disadvantage. With an assign IT consultant that is familiar with your network, we can address your issue with prior comprehensive knowledge of your systems.

As a scheduled client with BAYCNS, when you call us with a question, we already have all of the aforementioned knowledge Therefore, we can comprehensively assess what needs to be done. Because we provide 24/7 remote support, if your issue can be resolved remotely, we can likely have you back up and running in minutes. Also, you have a dedicated consultant, and their direct phone number.

Need help now? If you are an existing client, simply call us directly. If you are new to our services, please submit a contact request, and someone will call you as soon as possible.