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Bringing Excellence to IT!

...It's more than a tag line. It means treating the client's business like our own.

When it comes to computer support for your home or business, you want things to run fast, reliably, and securely. You also want your data readily accessible and backed up in case of drive failure. A great networking and computer support plan will make sure that happens. We provide proactive maintenance and reactive emergency resolution so that data is protected, downtime is minimized, and your computers run smoothly and reliably.

Bay Area Computer and Networking Solutions makes computer support affordable. Outsourcing your IT needs to us is like having your own IT department, without the costs.

Contact us today to start enjoying your computing experience instead of cursing it!

We are all about Bringing Excellence to IT!


windows and mac operating systems

Microsoft / Apple

Domains and peer networks, running Windows operating systems, account for the bulk of business computing solutions. We primarily support Windows operating systems, but can provide support and connectivity for your Apple products as well. The idea is to get you the most effective solution, no matter the hardware. 

computer support

Computer Support

Computer support is critical, both preventatively and reactively. Proper computer support will keep your systems running smoothly and your data protected from loss, while no computer support will lead to data loss, downtime, pop-ups, viruses and other malware.  We want you to enjoy your computer, and keep it running well.

computer networking support

Networking / Wireless

Your devices depend on their interconnectivity for all data transfer, including the internet, computer to computer, and even mobile devices on WiFi. The network infrastructure is the backbone of it all. Good cabling, switching, routing, and wireless access will keep the data flowing fast and reliably. 

web design

Web Design

You are reading this on a reactive web designed site. No matter which device you view it on, from a large landscape monitor to a smart phone, this website will scale and render the most appealing format. If you need a web presence, we can put you there with a modern and stylish design that you will be proud of.

virus and malware removal

Virus Removal

Viruses and malware are nastier and more prevalent then ever bofore. They can permanently encrpyt and lock you out of your own data, destroy the firmware on your disk drive, steal your information, or simply make your life miserable. The right solution will help prevent this, and if your system is infected, we can remove it.

computer software support

Software Support

Properly installed and configured software will do what it is supposed to do. It is important to keep it up to date with security patches and new version releases for reasons of functionality and compatibility. We will put things in place, provide support, and keep things running smoothly, from operating systems, to proprietary business software. 

computer clean up and network optimization

Performance Optimization

Computers and networks do not simply get old and slow. Their performance is reduced due to operating system clutter, malware, network bottlenecks, and faulty hardware. We will observe and remedy these things as part of a maintenance routine so that you always feel lilke you are on a brand new computer and a business-class network. 

internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Depending on your performance needs, there is a proper solution to get your internet traffic uploaded and/or downloaded speedily. A proper provider, service plan, and infrastructure, will get you and your clients the information they need, on time. When configured correctly, video will be smooth and email will be instant.

mobile and remote access

Mobile / Remote Access

Mobility means flexibility when you don't have time to be tied to a desk. With the right hardware, setup, and configuration, you can access your data, email, and even your workstation computer, from anywhere in the world, including your home, laptop, or right from the palm of your hand, keeping you ahead of the game.

media server and home theater

Home Theater

Media streaming has become an effective method of cutting cost. It also provides the entertainment you want, wherever you are. With services such as Hulu, Netflix, and other in-home media server solutions, and by using smart internet connected devices, you can watch what you want, when you want, and where you want.