Rod Harmon CEO Bay Area Computer and Networking Solutions

Rod Harmon – Education and Early Experience

Rod Harmon holds a degree in Computer Sciences. He is certified in design and processing of data systems, and has studied numerous computer coding languages. Rod Harmon has developed database solutions for Baytown Lee College and Exxon USA.

Prior to starting the company in 2007, Rod Harmon worked with companies throughout the entire Houston, TX area. Most companies ranged in size from 2 to 200 employees. He worked to provide a diverse ecosystem of solutions. He has management experience with Dell server-based solutions, SQL, Exchange, and many third party software solutions. Rod has worked with major technology providers like Microsoft, Apple, Intuit, Google, and more.

Current Focus

Since the establishment of BAYCNS and the launch of Microsoft Office 365, Rod has been focused on 365 migrations, custom SharePoint configurations for cloud based file access, remote work and collaboration solutions, and packaged IT systems management outsourcing for small to medium sized businesses, with the added benefit of expertise in online image presentation. Rod has exemplary skills with creating a fresh and professional client internet online presence. He has worked with all popular hosting companies. He typically utilizes WordPress for design and customization, and various resources for search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, his work demonstrates an acute sense of style and elegance.

Strong Ethic

Rod has a powerful drive for excellence and an outstanding ethic. Firstly, he believes trust and the client’s relationship comes first. Secondly, he believes in treating the client’s business like his own with respect to precision, performance, and security.

At the time of this writing, Rod has no plans of retirement, but rather to keep supporting the businesses and those employees  he has built long-standing friendships with. For now and for the foreseeable future, he seeks to ensure that both he and his clients are successful.