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About Us

Bay Area Computer and Networking Solutions is a premier managed IT services and support provider. Our service area includes cities all along the Galveston Bay coastal area. We are just minutes from cities like Mont Belvieu, Baytown, La Porte, Deer Park, Clear Lake, Webster, etc… We specialize in computer support, systems management, Office 365, domain services, website design, search engine optimization, remote workplace solutions, file servers, workstations, user support, and complete managed services packages for small businesses.
Our vast experience and immediate availability, separate us from other IT solution providers. Because of that, we are the go-to solutions provider for many local businesses in the area.

In years of supporting small businesses, in and around the Houston area, we have fined tuned our support model. Experience shows that combining the following areas of support provide the most comprehensive managed IT services solution. More about us…


Cloud Based Data and Information

Modern technology allows companies and individuals to store and access their critical information from anywhere. Office 365 has become an extremely popular and flexible requirement for many businesses.  Having access to your files and email from anywhere in the world can keep you connected and productive regardless of your location. Options like working from home and remote video collaboration have become standard requirements. This flexibility is practically essential to stay ahead of your competition.

We provide solutions and support for these technologies so that you can leverage that technology to your advantage.


Remote Support for Immediate Assistance

computer and network onsite support
Remote Computer Support

When you have a question regarding your computer, data access, email, etc., the faster you get an answer, the faster you are back to being productive. When we become your managed IT services provider, you have 24/7 access to a remote computer support specialist. Depending on the problem, we can often provide an answer over the phone, or by remoting into your computer. This fast response is invaluable for keeping your workflow moving.

When you need remote support, BAYCNS can get you an experienced consultant that will quickly resolve the problem. If you have a support agreement with us, you will get the same person each time. That means you get someone who can quickly resolve many user, computer, and hardware problems, in a matter of minutes because they are already familiar with your network. Of course this depends on whether a piece of equipment is actually failing, in which case, an on-site visit is required to repair or replace it. However, having a bundled managed IT services and support plan, you have all areas of support covered. It can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling your support provider, and soon your productivity is restored.


Onsite Support for User and Computer Support

on-site computer support
On-site Computer Support

Whether you are using a computer at home or in an office, you need infrastructure for your connected devices, Wi-Fi, Internet, and so on. Properly configuring all the devices to work together will result in faster response times. For example, routers require specific settings to optimize and prioritize the devices on your network. When the devices, routing, and network settings are configured properly, devices should connect quickly and with the fastest communication rate.

The number of devices on the network is also an important consideration in determining the proper hardware for your network. If done correctly, the result is less waiting for files to open or webpages to load. additionally, maintaining the integrity and security of those devices keeps you and your data safe, and helps prevent problems from being catastrophic. A properly configured network is fast and secure, and should make for a speedy and convenient computing experience. On-site support is integral to a comprehensive managed IT services and support solution.


Website Design, SEO, and Your Online Web Presence

website design php css html seo
Responsive Website Design and SEO

If you provide a product or service, and depend on customers or clients to purchase them, you need a website. A website not only provides basic contact information but also helps new customers and clients find you. In addition, what someone sees online gives them a reflection of your business. It can even provide a peek into what your business holds dear regarding work ethic and customer loyalty, and it can also gain trust. Like we sometimes say, “a fresh and responsive design reflects a fresh and responsive business.”

Having a flashy website is just part of your online success. The tricky part is getting people to see you online. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a job all to itself. If you rank, people see you near the top of the search results. That way, you are seen and have a better chance to gain new customers. The process of optimization is tedious and time consuming but the results are worth it. If people can’t see your website, they may not know you even exist. Sometimes the person searching can be right around the corner.

Read more about websites and SEO.

In Conclusion

Now days, in order to have a successful business, you must leverage all that technology can offer. That is where a managed IT services company comes into the picture, and that’s where we shine.

We have years of experience doing all of these things just mentioned. Additionally, we are constantly adapting and integrating new technology as it becomes available.

By combining on-site and offsite user and computer support, configuration and maintenance infrastructure, and then putting you in front of new business, we can help your company be successful. Because of our location and support model, we can support you with a faster response, and at a lower cost then our competitors. We become your 24/7 IT department without you having the tremendous expense of hiring people for an in-house department of your own.

Allow us to call you and schedule a free assessment of your needs and discuss an appropriate support solution.